Suzuki APV Bali Car Holiday

Suzuki APV – start from $35/5 hours

Suzuki APV is medium MPV design in Japan and assembled in Indonesia by Indomobil Suzuki International. Suzuki APV will meet your transportation need during holiday in Bali this car has roomy comfortable cabin that can accommodate 6 passenger with sufficient luggage. The back seat can be folded, so will has more space for your luggage.… Read More

Suzuki Estilo Bali Car Holiday

Suzuki Estilo – start from $30/5 hours

Suzuki Estilo is next generation of Suzuki Karimun. This car is designed in Japan and assembled by Suzuki Maruti India. Suzuki Estilo already discontinued production in since 2012. This city car is suitable for couple traveler, very conform for visiting Bali most tourist destination. Suzuki Estilo features:  5 doors vehicle  Air-conditioning Stereo cassette Surfie dependability Engine… Read More

Suzuki Jimny Katana Bali Car Holiday

Suzuki Jimny Katana – start from $25/5 hours

Suzuki Jimny Katana is a small jeep that can be driven in city area  as well as country side. Suzuki Jimny Katana   was very popular in Indonesia as well as in Bali. However now already discontinued production in Indonesia since 2001. Bali Car Holiday still operate Suzuki Jimny Katana as one of car rental fleet with… Read More